Top Three Back to School Tips

Summer break is over, which means school is back and it’s time to kick it in high gear! Going from summer holiday to scheduled classes isn’t the easiest thing to do, so we prepared some tips to help you get back on track and stay motivated! Stay Organized and Know Your Syllabus! Heading back to school can be overwhelming, your to-do list just keeps piling on and on. … Continue reading Top Three Back to School Tips

Mentality Shift: Everything is My Fault

On June 15th, the StepUp Summer 2017 Cohort had our second session entitled “Craft Your Unique Brand and Story”, hosted by Hussein Hallak, General Manager at Launch Academy. The evening was full of humor, nuggets of wisdom and the occasional book recommendation (read till the end to see which three books Hussein had recommended!). The most captivating advice Hussein had for the StepUp cohort was … Continue reading Mentality Shift: Everything is My Fault

My Step Up Experience

Written by: Scotia Barry, Summer 2017 Step Up Participant and Marketing Student at Langara College. What are your thoughts on spider-killing in the household?… Wait, spiders…what? Ah well, you had to be there. This hilarious, unplanned group conversation topic was one of the many memorable things I will remember from taking Gradus One’s Step Up program. It came up during the Q&A section after one … Continue reading My Step Up Experience

TOP 5 Key Takeaways from GradusTalks: Pathway to Tech

By Serene Chen On May 10th, GradusOne organized GradusTalks Pathway to Tech, a panel on BC tech careers, at Dynamic Leap’s beautiful, newly-renovated office. Kraig Docherty from BC Tech was the panel moderator and the panelists were Haidee Kongpreecha from RED Academy, Tarrnie Williams from Blueprint Reality, Laura Crawford from Mobify and Sarah Veness from Omnifilms Entertainment. The evening was filled with thoughtful conversation on … Continue reading TOP 5 Key Takeaways from GradusTalks: Pathway to Tech

10 Events You Should Attend this May

Pathway to Tech The technology industry is expanding with so many jobs and opportunities, it’s the perfect time to emerge yourself into this industry. Pathway to Tech is an exciting panel and networking event features industry specialists that will help you figure out if you’re on the right path for success in your career.   Who should attend: all students, recent graduates and professionals looking … Continue reading 10 Events You Should Attend this May