TOP 5 Key Takeaways from GradusTalks: Passion vs Purpose

Students, young professionals, and those looking to make a career change have something more frightening on their minds than Halloween—their future. On October 26th, attendees and the GradusOne team were delighted with the presence and insights from our panel of speakers. Being a GradusOne Ambassador and a university student myself, it was reassuring to listen to these successful individuals speak genuine truths about their career journeys.


Here are the Top 5 Key Insights we gained at the event:

1. Take the first step

Ajay Puri had a great analogy mentioning that you can’t just climb Mount Everest with no prior experience. You can start with the Grouse Grind and work your way up. It’s about taking the right steps to get there. Don’t be afraid to take a lead and just go for it.

2. Find your flock

Humaira Hamid says that there are people out there that get it and understand what you’re working towards when others don’t. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that can inspire greatness in yourself. We’re all just walking each other home.

3. Don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now

Natasha Jung states that you should use your core values to make decisions about what you spend your time on. It’s better to see into the future than be focused on short-term happiness and success. You must think long-term and be prepared to make sacrifices along the way.

4. Ask for help

Teresa Duke said that stress is like a pile of dung. It piles and piles and it can be overwhelming at times, but if you get a shovel and just start cleaning it, better feelings are guaranteed. A strong leadership skill is being able to ask for help. It is a gift to be able to allow someone to help you.

5. Purpose is the spark that guides you, passion is the spark that moves you

Your passion doesn’t have to be your career. Take time to pause early in life to reflect on your purpose—it can save you time later on in life. Do your best in your moment, today and get curious and start the conversation.

The underlying insight from the Passion vs Purpose panel was that you really need to be able to define your purpose before you can take action on your goals and dreams. Taking a moment to sit back and define your purpose can truly bring clarity into all things you do. Using this technique to evaluate opportunities is an invaluable tool. It’s easy to take on any opportunities that come your way, but you will realize the most value if you limit yourself to only seeking and taking opportunities that align with your purpose. You can have many passions in life, but your purpose is your core.

When it boils down to it, success starts with you. Fill your cup and take care of yourself—success will be a natural byproduct.



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