Career Spotlight: Mandy Yu

We’re excited to feature Mandy Yu as our career spotlight! Mandy is a UX/UI Designer, Brand Strategist, and Educator who uses design thinking methodologies to solve problems across creative disciplines and platforms. Check out her story below and learn about her career journey, what she loves about her role, misconceptions, industry trends, resources she recommends and more!  Tell us about yourself. I’d describe myself as … Continue reading Career Spotlight: Mandy Yu

Discover Your Why and Find Your Values

By Shi Bo Liu June 8th was the day GradusOne hosted its inaugural session of its Step Up program. Designed to assist individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and education discover and design a career they love, the first session set about a strong foundation for the coming weeks. The evening started off with Sam Thiara, Co-Founder of GradusOne, hosting a number of creative … Continue reading Discover Your Why and Find Your Values

5 Ways Startups are Awesome

On Wednesday, GradusOne is giving you a closer look into the entrepreneurial minds of some of the fastest growing companies in Vancouver. The local startup community has grown exponentially over the past few years and here are 5 reasons why startups are so awesome: Everyone plays an integral role in the company No matter what the position or title, each person participates in almost every … Continue reading 5 Ways Startups are Awesome

#MyCareer: Matthew Kan

If you haven’t been following lately, #MyCareer offers a glimpse of the person behind the job title–and what they have learned about their career over the years.  Matthew Kan– passionate traveller, always curious, and charismatic leader. He is a recent UBC Sauder School of Business graduate who has a wide variety of work experience. Everything from working with local YouTube influencers to commercial real estate … Continue reading #MyCareer: Matthew Kan

#MyCareer – Montana Jade Lee

  #MyCareer offers a glimpse of the person behind the job title – and what they learned about their career over the years. Montana Jade Lee breathes fitness. Not only is she the Community Manager for Fitplan, an app that provides the exact training methods used by world class athletes to stay in top physical condition, she is also a fitness icon who inspires her … Continue reading #MyCareer – Montana Jade Lee