Mentality Shift: Everything is My Fault

On June 15th, the StepUp Summer 2017 Cohort had our second session entitled “Craft Your Unique Brand and Story”, hosted by Hussein Hallak, General Manager at Launch Academy. The evening was full of humor, nuggets of wisdom and the occasional book recommendation (read till the end to see which three books Hussein had recommended!). The most captivating advice Hussein had for the StepUp cohort was … Continue reading Mentality Shift: Everything is My Fault

My Step Up Experience

Written by: Scotia Barry, Summer 2017 Step Up Participant and Marketing Student at Langara College. What are your thoughts on spider-killing in the household?… Wait, spiders…what? Ah well, you had to be there. This hilarious, unplanned group conversation topic was one of the many memorable things I will remember from taking Gradus One’s Step Up program. It came up during the Q&A section after one … Continue reading My Step Up Experience

Career Spotlight: Mandy Yu

We’re excited to feature Mandy Yu as our career spotlight! Mandy is a UX/UI Designer, Brand Strategist, and Educator who uses design thinking methodologies to solve problems across creative disciplines and platforms. Check out her story below and learn about her career journey, what she loves about her role, misconceptions, industry trends, resources she recommends and more!  Tell us about yourself. I’d describe myself as … Continue reading Career Spotlight: Mandy Yu

Discover Your Why and Find Your Values

By Shi Bo Liu June 8th was the day GradusOne hosted its inaugural session of its Step Up program. Designed to assist individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and education discover and design a career they love, the first session set about a strong foundation for the coming weeks. The evening started off with Sam Thiara, Co-Founder of GradusOne, hosting a number of creative … Continue reading Discover Your Why and Find Your Values

GradusTalks: Startups Recap

Having GradusTalks: Startups withdrawals? Here is an article written by one of our ambassadors, Patrick Labrador, sharing his experiences at the event. Patrick is going to his 4th year at SFU Beedie School of Business with a passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Check out his thoughts on GradusTalks: Startups below: Having joined GradusOne as an ambassador only months before, I didn’t know what to … Continue reading GradusTalks: Startups Recap