Surviving the School Year

As the final few weeks of August are fast approaching, we all have one thing on our minds… back to school!  For some, this is that awful time of year where we are forced to put the pants back on and retire our favourite cut-offs for another 8 months. For others, back to school can be a very exciting time of the year; especially when you enter into … Continue reading Surviving the School Year

Girl looking at computer screen

5 Sites to Productively Waste Time

  We’ve all had it happen to us. You get sucked into a loop of funny Youtube videos or a social media binge and two hours have come and gone. Afterwards, you sit feeling guilty because it felt like you completely wasted your time. Why not waste time as productively as possible? By changing the websites and content you procrastinate with, time wasters can benefit … Continue reading 5 Sites to Productively Waste Time

Essential Mobile Apps for Students

Written by: Jason Yeh, Junior Marketing Co-ordinator of New Avenue Capital. 90% of the time, our phone is within arms length. It is has gone to the point where it is hard for many people to imagine what life would be like without their smartphone. With so many events and deadlines to keep track of as a student, you need to have the right tools. Here are my … Continue reading Essential Mobile Apps for Students